Brothers Concert at Melbourne Recital Centre


Master-Drummer David Jones is presenting a new concert at the Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre, and the numbers 10 – 5 – 2 – 1 sum it up. 10 musicians, 5 CDs, 2 concerts, 1 night.
David has invited 9 of his favourite musical collaborators, known as the Peace Collective, to appear together for the first time in one concert. “We’ve all played with 2 or 3 of the others in small groups” says Jones “but never before have all 10 of us played together in one concert, and we’re looking forward to it immensely. There’s a great deal of respect and appreciation for each other, and that’s part of what makes the music so special.”
The style of music played by the Peace Collective is not easily defined, so David has come up with a new phrase – FAB Music. FAB stands for Free Ambient Beauty.
“What I mean by Free is that the music is improvised,” explains Jones, “and not bound by structure or tradition. That’s not to say that it’s chaotic - far from it. It’s exquisitely beautiful.”
In the last few months, members of the Peace Collective have recorded together on a number of projects, resulting in the release of 5 new CDs. “This concert is a celebration of an extraordinarily creative period for us all” says David. “We’ll present snapshots of each of the CDs, and then conclude with a 10-piece improvisation and that’s going to be amazing” he enthuses.
The Salon is one of David’s favourite Melbourne venues, due to the excellent acoustic and the feeling of intimacy, with audience and musicians in close proximity to one another. “When you are improvising music in-the-moment, it’s important to feel connected to the other musicians, and also to the audience - they are part of the chemistry that makes it all happen.”
The one-hour concert will be performed twice in one night, at 6pm and again at 8.15pm. The Peace Collective is:
David Jones – drumkit and percussion Michael Johnson – folk harp
Michael Conolan – cello
Fiona Burnett – soprano saxophone Adam Simmons – fujara, shakukachi
and the 5 CDs being celebrated are: Angel Songs
Earth Angel
Soundtrack for the Mind Meditations on Peace
Evripides Evripidou – bass and effects Megan Kenny – flute, keyboards
Glenn Taylor – cello effects Vinod Prasanna – bansuri flutes Carmen Warrington - voice
EVENT: Tuesday 29 October, 6pm and again at 8.15pm at The Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre.


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