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                                               Uniting Church ~ 163 Chapel Street (close                                                 to the corner of Carlisle    Street), St Kilda     PLEASE press the GOING Button...only if you are going to the EVENT.... Vinod Prasanna is a Master of Indian Classical Music and has studied music from the age of 7 in Varanasi/India. Music has been in Vinod’s family for over 250 years. This sound healing will assist in alleviating stress and connect you with your heart. The evening will start with deep meditation (if you wish you can lie down). You will then be taken on a transformative journey, where you will experience peace, Divine connection an d harmony. Carolyn Irons works with energy & the subconscious mind via muscle testing (the "LifeLine Technique"). She is also a Bowen therapist. ***Singing bowls will be incorporated into the evening and Ganges holy water from Varanasi will be placed on your crown chakra in bles