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FULL MOON Sound Healing Friday 13 June

Vinod Prasanna is a Master of Indian Classical Music & has studied music from 7 years of age in Varanasi. Vinod connects to a powerful sound frequency enabling you to connect to your heart. The evening will start with a deep meditation, you will then be taken on a transformative journey, where you can connect with pure healing frequencies. Carolyn Irons works with energy & the subconscious mind via muscle testing (the "LifeLine Technique"). She is also a Bowen therapist. ADDRESS :Uniting Church ~ 163 Chapel Street  (close to the corner of Carlisle Street), St Kilda  To secure your 'limited' healing place, pre-book on TRY BOOKING.  Tickets $29 full / $26 concession.  6.55pm to 8.30pm