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Sound of India Vinod Prasanna and Jay Dabgar   Vinod Prasanna shines as an outstanding performer of authentic traditional and contemporary Indian music. Vinod’s emotive melodies, exquisite improvisations and divine flute song distinguish his performance of Indian classical, world and meditation music. Simply, Indian music at its finest. Jay started learning Tabla at the age of five. Initially, he learnt the 'Delhi-Ajrada-Gharana Style' under the tutelage of Shree Divyang Vakil, a renowned percussionist and teacher, who was a disciple of late Ustad Allarakha Khan. At the age of nine, Jay's father took him to the 'Saptak School of Music' to further his learning of Tabla and also to render him a holistic idea about Indian music. 'Saptak School of Music' is an institution which promotes authentic traditional Indian classical music. Here, he started getting systematic training of the 'Benaras-Gharana Style' playing, from his gurus la