Cost : $25 

The Indian Musical Concepts will be explained in terms of Western Musical Terminology and how they may be applied in today's musical landscape In this workshop the subjects covered will include:

- Indian Singing 
- Bansuri Flute
- Tabla
- Harmonium
- How these instruments relate to each other

This workshop is led by Vinod Prasanna (bansuri flute and singing) and Afroz Koya (singing, tabla and harmonium). Between them they share a depth of practical and theoretical knowledge with over 55 years combined experience performing both nationally and internationally and have been teaching music for over 30 years.

Introductory ideas and concepts presented will Include:

- The inter-relationship between the Indian Sargam and Western Musical Scales
- Indian Raga System
- Subtle differences between Western and Indian musical ornamentation
- Indian Tala (rhythm) System

For further information or to register your place please email
212a Whitehall Street, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia 3013


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