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Indian Vocal Workshop FOCUS Vinod Prasanna

DESCRIPTION CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR TICKET A guide through sound and the voice with world class Indian classical musician, Vinod Prasanna. The theme of this workshop is FOCUS. How this ancient yet ever-evolving practice can help find more than your voice, a deep connection and peace that you can create by yourself. Suitable for any one - newcomers to music, to the advanced. Just Passion and Attentiveness being perquisites. This 2 hr workshop will be held in the right-hand mezzanine perched above a magnificent sound chamber of The Good Shepherd Chapel in Abbotsford. We will be covering the idea of Raags, learning a composition and improvising in Yaman, an introduction to Taal/ Rhythms in Indian music, and Tihais. We will commence the session with a short meditation and an Alaap by Vinod on Bansuri to get us all into the one space. -- '...we learn by